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Pro Omega 3 (Liquid)

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Bottom line… You need omega 3’s so that you can REDUCE INFLAMMATION in your body. Your IMMUNE SYSTEM is going to work better when you do not have chronic inflammation. Omega 3’s are also going to help you to be able to concentrate and focus. DHA and EPA are the 2 main components of Omega 3’s and here is what they do… DHA supports brain health. EPA helps to keep stable emotions and reduce inflammation. The liquid allows it to be a resource for the whole family.

There is a lemon flavor which makes it much easier to drink than a fish oil which is not flavored. This product is not oxidized like most cheaper fish oils, therefor you will not get the “fish burps.”

The only reason why this product is on sale with this big of a discount is that we accidentally over ordered and I do not want it sitting on my shelf. Time to get it!

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