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Living as Intended (EssentiaGreens) is a greens food product densely packed with high ORAC value vegetables, cleansing alkalizing grass juices, and a proprietary blend of fruits and berries. Besides being phytonutrient-rich, the orange-cranberry flavor tastes wonderful, thanks to the inclusion of inulin, a natural polysaccharide prebiotic fiber, along with a splash of stevia. While it adds a subtly sweet flavor to LAI Greens, inulin does not impact blood sugar levels the way so many other sweeteners do.** Because inulin is a soluble fiber it dissolves easily in water, making LAI Greens simple to mix into any beverage.

This is what my KIDS DRINK EVERY DAY. We give it to them so that we know they have the nutrition that they need, even if they don’t eat their veggies. The same goes for us as adults. This helps to make your body ALKALINE which helps to boost your IMMUNE SYSTEM.  There is no better NON Perishable that you can keep on hand.

Your label will say Living As Intended on it because we have private labeled this product but it is made by Designs For Health.

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