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Chiropractic Saves Lives Poster





We finally got this turned into a 24×36″ poster to share with all of you. Read the story behind it below. God is so good!

My son Isaiah was born at home… my wife was a rockstar through 24 hours of contractions! When he came out his cord was around his neck. The mid wives took it off but he was still not breathing! I checked his atlas and it was SUBLUXATED! I tried to adjust him like any other new born but it wouldn’t move. I grabbed him by the shoulders with my left hand and occiput with my right. I started traction in his neck and on about the 5th pull, I felt a small click… C1 lifted off C2. He gasped for air, and he took his 1st breath because of Chiropractic! My son’s 1st adjustment saved his life. He was not breathing until I adjusted his atlas and got pressure off his spinal cord. I call this adjustment my $200,000 adjustment. My $200,000 in student loans are all worth it for this ONE moment. My wife and I agree that if I could only give this ONE adjustment, the 8 years of tests, the money spent, and all the training would be totally worth it! Thank you God for my ability, thank you Chiropractic for the principal, thank you Maximized Living for the confidence.

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